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Post by Spartan 117 on Mon 5 Jan 2009 - 19:06

okay, sense only a few of us actually know how to play in a RPG (which is the acronym for role playing game), aI am here to make you all a tutorial!

okay, think of a RPG as a.... large, communal story. we all add a little bit to it with every post. so what you essentially doing is posting little stories about what your characters doing. Like, fo example, I'll show you one of my post in the main RPG, Pax Sornaensis.

"Athena awoke suddenly. a new scent had entered her olfactory...and she didn't like it. She pushed Lentrex off of her, and grabbed Tempest and Prye, urging them to stay near her. Athena barred her teeth in the direction of the ever growing scent."

there is a simple example of a female raptor protecting he young.
we also try to stay away fro any posts that don't have to do with the on going story. now, we also continue from each post, so after my example, another user may say

Lentrex looked up at his defensive mate. he hadn't noticed any new smells. He looked up at her again, and stood, standing next to her, but not hissing like the chics and his mate."

now, that is all I think of to say, but if you have any questions at all, please post them here, or PM them to me!


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