Pokemon Gold and Silver Remakes

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Pokemon Gold and Silver Remakes

Post by Starscream on Thu 31 Jul 2008 - 17:52

Well, most of us that have played the franchise, and we have been wishing for remakes of arguable the best games from the franchise. Below you can discuss what would be good and bad for a remake, also, the parameters are that the game is for nintendo DS and uses the same graphics as diamond pearl and platinum, with maybe a few improvements.

If there is one thing i would love to see, i would love to see random weather effects and seasons. Have different pokemon show up during different seaons and weather, another thing i would like to see would be temperature, like at a certain high, a certain pokemon shows up somewhere. Only the poke's from silver,gold and the originals should be in the actual game but you should be able to trade over ones from diamond, pearl, platinum, ruby, saphire, and emerald. i would also like to see the legendary birds have more of an effect on the game itself, like lugia sightings start popping up and storms start getting worse and worse in magnitude, another addition that would be cool, but probably wouldnt happen is, like during a storm, the power gets knocked out for a city and the residents must go to the market or pokemon center, or somewhere else of importants. OMG, if these things are in there i will die! i would also like to see a vacationing spot, where you release your pokemon into an area and you can go around and shop or just relax or enjoy some entertainment (like pokemon show episodes in a movie theater) or if not that then a swimming mini game or something. Ok wnough from me.

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